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We believe that as-a-service models are the future of the equipment industry.

As hardware-as-a-service grows in popularity, manufacturers face a serious adoption challenge. Hardfin helps manufacturers tackle this challenge: integrating systems without millions of dollars, years of bespoke development, and hefty ongoing maintenance. You can read more about our philosophy and the steps that manufacturers need to take to be successful on the Hardfin blog.


We are hiring! Open roles are on our AngelList job board.

We also hire excellent people opportunistically. If you are interested in what we're doing, reach out to join us at careers@hardfin.com.

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Zachary Kimball
Co-Founder & CEO

Zack leads strategy, positioning, and go-to-market efforts at Hardfin. Previously he was a startup business leader in data & analytics at Skupos, where he helped grow the B2B software platform and launch an enterprise business line. Zack's background is in payments, venture finance, and mortgage finance. He's a former McKinsey consultant and Harvard Law School alum. Early in his career, he was a freelance payments and database developer. Zack is originally from Boston, MA.

Zachary Kimball
Danny Hermes
Danny Hermes
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Danny leads infrastructure and security efforts at Hardfin. He cut his teeth early in his career at Google, working on developer experiences for Google Cloud Platform. As a Staff Engineer at Blend, a leading fintech company automating mortgage finance, he focused on scaling the infrastructure as Blend grew rapidly in the years leading up to IPO. He deeply values high quality communication in software engineering. He grew up a farm kid in northwest Illinois and holds a PhD in Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Hardfin was also co-founded with Donald Hoelle, who was critical to early product and engineering efforts. While Donald has moved on from Hardfin, we’re grateful for his foundational contributions in our formative years.

Investors and Advisors

Premier Silicon Valley technology investors

Better Tomorrow Ventures
Afore Capital
Asymmetric Capital Partners
Angels from top companies and funds

Morgan Stanley


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