Asset tracking

100% confidence in fixed asset activity

Link equipment to contracts, billing, and balance sheet. Never miss a thing.

Audit your fleet

Instantly see asset history. Understand how devices link to customer contracts. Manage circular subscriptions from inventory through deployment.

  • Manage non-functional assets
  • Asset-based billing pause
  • Usage-based metric billing

Map your assets

Track field equipment across customer sites. Replace, swap, and transfer assets effortlessly. Monitor fleet financials by geography.

  • Visual customer and device view
  • Revenue attribution to sites
  • Financial breakdown by geo

Insights for every serial New

Detail you never thought possible. Break down revenue and expenses, filter by dates, and understand equipment activity.

  • Fleet financials down to the asset level
  • Billing history and tracking for all machines
  • Cost accounting to manage depreciation

Integrated service records  Roadmap

Hardware-as-a-service depends on clear records. Link external tickets for detailed service and performance context.

  • Service costs for deployment profitability
  • Ticketing or ERP integration pulls automatically
  • Automated status updates via API

Component drill down Roadmap

Hardware-as-a-service solutions rely on valuable components such as sensors, batteries, and tablets. Monitor individual pieces of your offering in one place.

  • Components tracked as part of your core offering
  • Data import & ERP connector mean nothing is missed
  • Simple API endpoint allows real-time sync

Master financial operations for hardware business

Hardfin pioneered hardware financial operations to enable modern hardware companies to grow faster. Our experts share insights to keep your business ahead.

Read more on the Hardfin blog or the guide to hardware financial operations.

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Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) is complicated. From device-as-a-service (DaaS) to machine-as-a-service (MaaS) and equipment-as-a-service (EaaS).

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