Hardfin guide to HaaS operations

Effective hardware-as-a-service models connect eight operational areas. Every HaaS business takes a bespoke approach on this foundation.

Define equipment, software, services, and bundle offerings.

Ex: automated forklift, robotics subscription, maintenance plan.

Develop pricing plans and manage active subscriptions.

Ex: flat-fee, fixed monthly, pass-through, usage-based billing.

Track individual assets and activity in the field.

Ex: Forklift #123 in Warehouse A, Robot #456 with Customer B, return process.

Send invoices and reconcile payments.

Ex: one-time, recurring, ad-hoc, bank transfers, cards, fee management.

Automate complex accounting for hardware subscriptions.

Ex: ASC 842 embedded leases, ASC 606 revenue recognition, asset depreciation.

Connect to a funding facility to cover cost of goods up front.

Ex: asset-backed loan to cover the BOM in advance.

Report on analytics for hardware subscriptions.

Ex: recurring revenue, churn, utilization, availability, quality, service.

Keep business systems connected to ensure consistent data.

Ex: CRM, ERP, accounting system, IoT data, and proprietary dashboards.

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