Billing management

3x faster contract to cash

Billing tied to hardware events. Automatically.

Automated contracts

Make complex documents simple with an algorithm designed for hardware businesses. Upload a file and Hardfin digitizes your contract.

  • Turn quotes into contracts like magic
  • Save time and reduce manual data entry
  • Eliminate mistakes with industry-specific logic

Assets link to billing

Billing is activated directly by equipment events, so invoices are created as soon as possible. Drive your average days to send (ADS) to zero.

  • Device activity triggers associated items
  • Machine data can drive usage-based billing
  • Invoicing is completely automatic

Put A/R on autopilot

Run a dynamic hardware finance reconciliation every night. Have confidence in what, when, and why for the items that your business needs to bill.

  • Invoices are generated immediately when ready
  • Bills sent to customers as fast as possible
  • Approval layers can be configured for review

Integrate effortlessly

Connect natively with commonly used ERP and accounting platforms. Powerful connectors make reading and writing data simple.

Data import, flat file export, and a secure API make it easy to push or pull data to the right place.

Call us to discuss your system integration needs.

Intelligent collections

Online invoicing and automated reminders make customer collections a breeze. Simple alerting and email notifications ensure nothing is missed.

  • Full-cycle collections
  • Clear reporting on outstanding balances
  • Integrated alerting and notifications

Understand the past, predict the future New

Get a clear picture of past, present, and future accounts receivable performance. Waterfall and predict A/R behavior to know what's coming next.

  • Waterfall monthly outstandings activity
  • Configurable collections projection
  • Compare net terms against collection time

Handle every situation Roadmap

Support for complex billing rules makes any contract manageable. Whatever payment structure you use, make sure it's captured.

  • Use bundles to group pricing packages
  • Set up tiered billing to scale pricing
  • Activate usage-based (pay-per-use) pricing driven by asset metrics

Master financial operations for hardware business

Hardfin pioneered hardware financial operations to enable modern hardware companies to grow faster. Our experts share insights to keep your business ahead.

Read more on the Hardfin blog or the guide to hardware financial operations.

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Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) is complicated. From device-as-a-service (DaaS) to machine-as-a-service (MaaS) and equipment-as-a-service (EaaS).

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