Hardfin is the hardware-as-a-service operations platform

Offer hardware subscriptions without the headaches
Product overview

Hardfin connects systems and teams, so everyone is on the same page

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Hardin product circle assets


Device management

  • Eliminate asset spreadsheets

  • Simplify device tracking complexity

  • Manage fleet devices in the field

  • Report on COGS for subscribed assets

Hardin product circle billing


Payments and accounting

  • Remove multi-system billing friction

  • Streamline invoice and payment flows

  • Automate complex lease accounting

  • Implement native pay-per-use billing

Hardin product circle funding


Financing capital cost

  • Resolve cashflow headaches

  • Connect with banking partners

  • Set up hardware-as-a-service credit lines

  • Scale rapidly during growth periods


Use Cases

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